Firstbyte Business & Enterprise Modelling Method

This modelling method combines traditional structured methods with organisational modelling and UML analysis & design techniques to provide a seamless methodology for Enterprise, Business and Systems Analysis.

RaMM (Rapid Management Method)

The fast-track project management method from Firstbyte Consulting - a quick and simple alternative to PRINCE and PRINCE 2.

RaMM Features:-

  1. Scaleability for any size of project or programme of any industry sector, IT or non-IT
  2. Scaleability for any degree of project urgency - it is great both for emergencies and for providing early focus for large-scale, high-cost undertakings

RaMM Comprises Four Elements:-

  1. The Five Precepts are the five rules which underpin the successful operation of any project or programme
  2. The Forum is the programme or project board structure. It focuses on a simple set of specific project responsibilities
  3. The Four Objects are specifically defined project management aspects controlled by the Forum
  4. The Five Mechanisms are the project communication devices that the Forum uses to maintain a smooth operation